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Torrington Facade Grant

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Are you a Torrington property owner or tenant looking to improve your property? 

The City of Torrington is providing a financial incentive to reinvest in commercial buildings exterior and certain qualified interior renovations.

Apply or get more information about the Torrington Facade and Building Improvement Program.

The intent of the Torrington Façade and Building Improvement Program is to strengthen the economic viability of the City, stimulate reinvestment in commercial buildings and facilitate local economic development. To achieve this goal, the City is providing a financial incentive to property owners and tenants to improve the exterior appearance of their building and make necessary interior renovations that improve the quality of commercial buildings in Torrington.

PROGRAM GOALS: Encourage Private investment in commercial properties; Improve Commercial building to encourage growth and reduce vacancies in storefronts and upper floors; Enhance the appearance of the neighborhoods commercial area; Strengthen local business; Rehabilitate or restore the original character of historic buildings; Provide a catalyst for others to improve their buildings and storefronts.